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Our Team

The key to any successful company is the staff who work there. At Cole's Construction, our team are constantly striving to offer the finest quality of work and highest level of service to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever you need they will take care of you - and all with a smile on their face.




Cole is the founder and director of Cole's Construction and has over 10 years experience in building. Problem solving is his forte' and he leaves no stone unturned. Cole's warm and friendly nature makes for an easy process.



Moustache Specialist

Andrew is our most mature member of the team and comes with over 35 years building experience. He is highly skilled and refined. Andrew is a powerhouse of energy, works till the sunsets and never says no to a challenge.



4th Year Apprentice

Mitchell is our 4th year apprentice. His humble demeanor reflects well the type of working man that he is. Mitchell is thoughtful, diligent and does things with care.



2nd Year Apprentice

Blake is our 2nd year apprentice and youngest member. Blake's humble kiwi upbringing has contributed to the impressive apprentice he is- with a real eye for detail, a practical mind and the craftsmanship to go with it.

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 9.55.14 PM.png



Meet Sui, a (kind of) new member of our team! He started with us back in September 2020 looking for a change in career. He hasn’t looked back since, excelling in all the work that has been thrown his way. His friendly and humble nature, makes him a great fit with us. He doesn’t mind a few meat 🥧‘s on and off the rugby field either.



Site Manager

The newest senior member of our team, Pablo is responsible for making sure our worksite runs smoothly and smokos are taken at the correct times. You will find Pablo following the team around all day especially our young apprentices, making sure everyone is humming along nicely. Pablo also has a keen eye for stray tennis balls, sub-contractors and delivery drivers. 

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